Deciding if a Front Garden Conversion, into a Drive is, Right for You

If you are someone that has to fight for parking on a regular basis, if you have the option, you may want to seriously consider turning a front garden area into a drive, to help ease your burden. Off-street parking can also really add considerable value to your property, especially for housing in expensive urban areas. This is an ideal solution for anyone that needs extra parking space due to limited free parking or families with multiple vehicles.

One excellent advantage for homeowners is, that in many cases, you do not need planning permissions to create or replace a driveway. This depends on the area and ensuring you have PD rights. If it is a porous material, such as gravel or permeable asphalt or block paving and you have PD rights, you usually will not require planning permission. If it is more than five square metres of impermeable material, planning permissions will most likely be required as drainage will need to be considered.

A paved drive also needs to have a dropped kerb for easy access. If you already have a partially paved or paved front garden, you need to ensure that it was designed for parking, as if not, it will not be suitable due to lacking the proper amount of hardcore underneath. If this is the case, it will not take the weight of a car.