The Perfect Problem-Free Garage Door

Suddenly, your garage door stops working. A quick examination and a go-over reveals nothing unusual, but the garage door won’t work. Have you seen this scenario far too often than necessary, and find yourself faced with something of this sort at the most inconvenient times? This list of common garage door problems can help you recognise the issues that you may have and find a solution. Better yet, avoid these potential problems altogether by getting high-quality Made in Germany Hormann garage door that lasts for generations!

Common Garage Door Problems

Weather Seal Replacement. This seemingly insignificant part of your garage door is what keeps out extreme weather such as heat, moisture, and flood from entering your home through the garage. It also serves a great purpose of keeping out pests and insects all season long. These seals are made to last for a very long time, but they still erode and wear down. It may also require replacement in cases of natural disasters and emergencies.

Opener Remotes. Sometimes the problem with your garage door has something to do with the remote switch. Key switches, keyless and treadless entries, and induction loop systems require power and have sophisticated mechanisms that can suddenly go awry.

Garage Door Openers. Remember the time that your garage door refused to completely close down and irritatingly leaves a foot or two open? or when closing down, it suddenly reverses back up for no reason? This indicates an issue with the garage door operator, and this usually implies an emergency repair with a trusted expert.

Bent Tracks. Bent tracks in garage doors are more serious than you think. They play a very integral role in making your garage door open smoothly without hiccups, and close down in a suave fashion with your automobile safely inside. Any wear and tear with the tracks can lead to a misaligned or a bent track. When this happens, the whole garage door needs to be checked and inspected for damage before any other serious complications arise.

The Perfect Garage Door

Break free from troublesome maintenance and unexpected costs by choosing the right garage door for your home that suits your needs and will serve its purpose for a long time. Not all garage doors are made equal, so it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with all makes and models, such as those provided by your one-stop Hormann garage door products offering simply the best options! Previous clients and customers speak for the brand when they say that their products are the best, having owned one among these 4 types of doors that arrive in a myriad of styles:

Sectional – Bestow elegance to your home with automatic sectional doors that open vertically and will surely fit anywhere whether you have a rectangular or chamfered, a segmental or Norman arch, and give an instant contemporary look.

Up and Over – Quality, security, convenience, advanced technology, and aesthetic appeal infused in one garage door.

Roller – Works softly, silently, without taking up space inside and out of your garage, and giving you trouble-free maintenance of a reliable and safe door.

Side Sliding – Enjoy quick access to your garage with a practical Hormann garage door solution that can be applied even under special fitting requirements given its unique design.