Wall coatings are a gamechanger for old tired properties

Just imagine a place that’s cold, dim and stuck in time. It doesn’t draw people in; it turns them away. If you own such an old tired property – or are thinking of buying one – I’d strongly suggest you consider using modern wall coatings instead of showcasing that worn-out, flaking paint.

The best wall coating systems can turn your tired old place into a warm inviting space. That’s because modern wall coatings can be designed to create almost any look you want – matte, metallic, satin or high-gloss finishes. Not only that, but the latest ceramic (and other) coatings are harder than ever before and they come in an array of colours plus many patterns.

In Scotland, wall coatings are very common, especially in rural areas. People are finding it almost impossible to sell properties that have gaudy old paint jobs, especially those painted in the 1980s and 1990s. And if you’re looking for a quick way to modernise a room without investing much money or time then wall coatings could be the answer. So whether you need wall coatings Scotland, or are just considering different ways to improve your property, it’s important to choose the right colour and texture.

Did you know that wall coatings are also mould and algae resistant?

In the last post, I mentioned how modern paint doesn’t work like good old fashioned paints. Well, (other than its minimal skin penetration) wall coatings are an example of a product that does what traditional paints used to do. This means they can be used on timber, metal and plastic surfaces as well as masonry. In fact, it could be said that “they have found application in every area of industry where water resistance is required”. The key reason for this is their greater flexibility and elasticity, which results from the fact that room temperature vulcanized silicones are inherently flexible and elastic due to the random nature of the silicone polymer chains.

Wall coatings are available in virtually any colour!

An easy way to add instant value is by painting the outside of homes and buildings with high-quality wall coatings. This will change the appearance of any old tired property – giving it a fresh new look, adding value, making it easier to sell or rent and can be achieved quickly and without significant expense. When you make the right decision for your home, you also add value to your property at the same time. Also, wall coatings can withstand extreme weather conditions and even the rigours of time, being UV and heat resistant and are 100% breathable.