Top 3 mistakes made when working at height

Working at heights is a high-risk task whether it’s something you do regularly or ad-hoc and the safety precautions you take should be taken very seriously. Unfortunately, accidents do still happen, sometimes due to factors out of your control but sometimes due to careless mistakes. We have listed the top mistakes made when working at heights.

Insufficient or incorrect PPE. PPE such as safety harnesses is there to protect you. Carrying out any task high up carries big risks. PPE is there to protect you in the event of an accident and will minimise injuries.

Incorrect use of equipment. You will need to consider whether or not you will need a ladder for the task or scaffolding. In some situations, you may feel a ladder is sufficient for the task but scaffolding is a far safer option.

Lack of railings – railings are a form of passive protection and where possible should be used in tasks where you are working from height such as rooftops.