The Different Types Of Garden Gates

Garden gates are important to protect your garden space or yard. They give pedestrian access to a yard or garden and coordinate with fencing of the property. A garden gate has a distinct design to set it apart from the fence of the property. There are different types of gates out there. Here are some of the most common types of garden gates for your property.

Wooden garden gates are arguably one of the most common types of gates you’ll see. This is because of their versatility. Wood is inherently strong and long-lasting which makes it a perfect choice for almost all situations.

Aluminium gates are often used to secure properties. They are quite sturdy and could be built in all sizes. These gates could be designed as simple vertical bar gates or resemble wrought iron styles. Aluminium gates cost about the same amount as steel gates. But the price of the gate may differ according to the manufacturer of the product. Aluminium gates are highly decorative and are mostly used to complement formal garden styles.

Ornamental gates have an artistic style built into the design such as flowers in a metal gate. Glass is incorporated into such gates to contrast with the metal element. Wooden gates are quite popular across the country. They are quite rustic when compared to metal gates. These gates are quite beautiful and amenable to painting. They come in an endless variety of styles and beautifully match with natural material fences. Wooden, stone, and plant-covered fences are some of the best to go with wooden gates. Wooden gates are an easy DIY project for most homeowners. Wooden gates can be easily modified compared to metal gates. Metal gates are mostly finished products that cannot be easily modified.

Trellis garden gates are another variety out there. These gates are a beautiful entrance to a garden or yard. They come with a roofed structure and openwork sides. They are used to support climbing plants. Trellis gates are made from sturdy and durable materials. This is important to withstand the invasive nature and pressure of climbing plants. There are many climbing plants to send over a trellis gate such as purple solanum, ivy, jasmine, and wisteria.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right garden gate for your property. You should consider what you need to fit through the garden gate when choosing the right product. The gate should be wide enough to accommodate your needs. It’s always better to opt for a wider gate for your property. These are important things to consider when choosing the right type of garden gate for your property.