The Benefits Of A Tiled Conservatory Roof

There are various reasons people opt for installing a tiled conservatory roof including glare and temperature control, rain or bad weather soundproofing, airborne dirt protection and insulation. Or when adding extra living space to your apartment, you will soon realise the benefits of choosing a tiled conservatory. With a tiled conservatory roof, it can be mounted on any house from Gable to Edwardian, and they can perfectly fit any roofing design or style.

1. Insulation improvement

The most significant improvement that can be made for most polycarbonate and glass roofs is that the new tiled conservatory roof increases insulation and provides a cosier environment. The conservatory prevents the natural rising heat from escaping meaning that the house temperature will be regulated.

2. Style and attractiveness

In contrast to the wholly plastic and glazed conservatory roofs, the new tiled roofing gives more meaningful choices of aesthetic to the many shades available. There are classic tones such as walnut, charcoal and Ember and even more distinct options of colour such as Pewter Gray to fit any home. So there are plenty of options so it’s easy to decide on a finish that matches the architecture of your property.

3. Low cost of maintenance

Tiled conservatory roofs are perfectly blending into the busy lifestyle of most modernized homeowners requiring less care. The newly integrated styles are long lasting and repelling even the most torrential rainfall over the anticipated 40-year period with less maintenance.

4. Energy bills reduction

Because the conservatory will instantly become more energy efficient compared to earlier, and thanks to the new tiled roofing, they will reduce your bills. The more insulated space that retains heat will be effectively regulated meaning that homeowners don’t have to rely on artificial methods of heating anymore!

5. Cost-friendly

A tiled roof is not only cheap in the market, but also its installation requires cheap labour. Besides, it’s a bit cheap to improve your roof with tiled conservatory rather than replacing it.

Are there any drawbacks I should be aware of?

Actually yes, there are. As you would expect, when you lose a complete glass or polycarbonate roof and replace it with a tiled roof and insulated ceiling, you will undoubtedly lose natural light. An elevated glass roof can work much like a skylight, bringing plenty of fresh daylight into a room, so the moment you no longer have it you’ll miss it. That said, that’s not to say you can’t add skylights to counteract this problem. With a set of rooflights you can complement your new tiled roof, or another option is to invest in spotlights or attractive lamps to bring more light to the room, but this will of course mean you end up spending more on your energy bills.


So there you have it, the pros and cons of a tiled conservatory roof, but to be fair, there are more advantages by far. Increase the value of your home by using tiled roof conservatory. Don’t settle for ordinary roof conservatory when you have the best available option! If you’re tired of a space that’s too hot for the summer, then perhaps tiled is the best option for improving your home.