Should You Buy or Lease a Crane?

A crane can be an incredible asset in the construction world and there are certain occasions when they are absolutely necessary. If you are on the fence about whether you should buy a crane your biggest determinants will be your current or near future project scope, workload and long-term business plans. You will need to consider your daily, weekly and monthly needs and ascertain if you have the time, energy and manpower to own and operate a crane.

If the need for a crane on your projects is not happening on a regular basis, it may be more practical to simply hire one. Usually when you hire a crane the rental company supplies you with an operator as well. However, most crane rental companies charge you on the time that the crane is actually in use, so the more you use it the more you pay. There are several factors that go into the price of renting a crane and each job requires a tailored quote, this is why it is so hard to get a crane rental ‘price list’.

If you decide that buying a crane is right for you. Here are a few helpful tips to purchasing a crane. You need to consider:

• What is its primary use?
• Where will you be using it?
• What additional components will you need?
• If your General Arrangement includes essential criteria?
• Do you understand the safety requirements and legislation for your new purchase?