School Toilet Refurbishments: Creating Safe, Practical Environments

A school toilet refurbishment is often required to keep school buildings safe, modern and suitable for use in demanding, ever changing environments. It’s so important that school washroom facilities are safe and practical, so that pupils, teachers and anyone else on the premises have acceptable, hygienic facilities available to them. If toilet facilities are looking a little outdated, have experienced problems or aren’t working as they should be, it might be time to consider a refurbishment project as a priority.

Why do school toilet facilities need refurbishing? Some of the top reasons why a washroom refurbishment might be required

Toilets are one of the most necessary and practical facilities required in a building. It’s essential they’re sanitary, safe, clean environments – ageing toilet blocks and old plumbing aren’t acceptable. Here are some of the top reasons why a toilet block might need refurbishing in a school:

  • Vandalism. It’s a sad fact that school toilets are often subjected to vandalism, from pupils or from pupils from other schools, or during break ins. The toilets may be the easiest way to get into a building if someone is attempting to break in, so they can often be subjected to broken windows, broken rooflights, damaged flooring and tiling, and other damage.
  • Leaks and problems with plumbing. As toilet facilities get older, it can be common for them to leak and to experience issues with plumbing. That being said, something like a leaking tap or a burst pipe can happen at any time and needs to be rectified to make sure facilities don’t flood. It can also be very wasteful and cost more money as water bills soar, so it’s important to fix leaks for a variety of reasons.
  • Broken toilets, fixtures and fittings. Toilets take a lot of wear and tear – especially in schools where they’re used by hundreds of people a day. Any broken toilets, wash basins, soap dispensers, and anything else in the bathroom, can be a danger to the people using them and might mean that people can’t use the toilet facilities in a safe and hygienic way. This will need to be rectified immediately.
  • Insufficient facilities. Some older school buildings might not have acceptable modern facilities, especially if they were built years ago. It’s important that schools have toilet facilities to accommodate disabled people, and there might also be the need for other types of facilities, such as showers and changing rooms. These may not have been available in original school buildings and will need to be thought about now.

Refurbishing school toilets to create a safe environment

If there’s damage to facilities, or if the facilities simply need a refresh, then it’s time to refurbish the toilets. This should be carried out by a professional and experienced company that’s refurbished school washrooms and bathrooms before. They will be able to complete to refurbishment safely and quickly, as well as keeping the project on budget – something that’s very important for schools that have a tight budget. This will create a much better space for everyone using school toilet facilities.