PPE in construction

Every single site you work on will have health and safety risks therefore it should be a priority for every worker to have sufficient PPE. Every year accidents on site happen, it is a major issue for day labourers and skilled labourers. Many of these accidents are worse due to lack of personal protective equipment. Having adequate PPE can majorly reduce the severity risk outcome from an accident on site.

What types of PPE should I be using?
1. Head protection – hard hats are a must for all construction workers – a head injury could be fatal, hard hats reduce this risk.
2. Eye and face protection – safety goggles and face shields can provide you with extra protection.
3. Respiratory protection – respirators are vital on sites where toxic substances are present. Dust, fumes, paint spray, and other dangerous substances could cause permanent impairment.
4. Skin protection – dermatitis, skin cancers, and other skin injuries and infections are the second most common type of occupational disease reported on construction sites. You need to ensure you are wearing adequate gloves for the job at hand.
5. Ear protection – construction workers are exposed to harmful levels of noise on sites – ensure that if you are on a noisy site you are wearing ear muffs.