Making Cabinets vs Buying them

With small-scale construction projects like redecorating your bathroom or kitchen, the work can prove to be very tempting for DIY enthusiasts. If you think you have the skills needed to carry out some of the work yourself, then why not?

One aspect you may want to consider is whether you should build or buy cabinets and units. Firstly you should think have I got the time? If you are struggling for time as it is, you may not want to sacrifice a month’s worth of weekends making your cabinets. Yes they can take this long. There are many stages to get though, especially if you’re constructing wall and base units for your kitchen. If you feel you do have time, the skills and the tools needed then go for it. You’ll save a lot of money on materials this way, and plenty of money on labour as you’ll be doing it yourself. Just make sure they’re built to a good standard because one day they may be inherited by the buyer of your property.