Keeping the noise to a minimum during construction work

If you have a large construction project underway, it is recommended that you keep noise to a minimum. If the project is in a residential area, you should respect your surroundings by assigning the ‘louder tasks’ to during normal working hours. These jobs should not be carried out before 9am on a weekday, nor after 4pm and this work should not be carried out at all on weekends and bank holidays.

You will not only please the neighbours around you but also, gain a good reputation for your company. Building a positive reputation is very important for the construction industry as it is becoming a more competitive area to work in and especially to run.

It is understood that some projects require you to meet a time deadline, in this circumstance, you will need to continue to work during the weekend or later into the evening. If this is the case, writing a letter to the homes in the surrounding areas, explaining the times and the noise levels they may expect is highly recommended.