Designing an Eco-friendly home from the ground up

Designing homes has become a lot more involved with being eco-friendly as well as economically friendly. This is ultimately a good thing for home owners, ensuring that the costs of living comfortably in your home are less, both because the demand for resources will decrease, and because the newer homes will require less (creating less demand than normal houses). Different processes are involved in making a home ecologically friendly, both with trying to get the house to be more efficient, as well as using materials which create less environmental damage. The usual way in which environmental damage is reduced is to both reduce the carbon footprint and using natural materials (reducing the manufacturing processes required). This generally results in builders trying to source more local materials, and using more simple building processes. It is also important to make a home which uses energy efficiently, which means that it needs to conserve heat well. This means using lots of insulation and designing the home to allow for that. Building an eco-friendly home can be expensive in some ways, and cheaper in others. Finding a balance between the 2 will likely impact the way in which homes are built over the next few decades.