Avoid hiring a dodgy builder

When it comes to finding a builder to complete a private home construction project, it is important to find someone that can be trusted. There are many horror stories of tradesman doing poor building jobs and charging over the top prices for their work.

Before you decide on a particular builder it is vital that you do your research first. Start by checking reviews online and see what their previous clients have said about their work. You should be able to see examples of their work to see if they produce good quality finished projects.

Have a face to face meeting with the builder to discuss the project in detail, this will provide you with time to access if they are right for the job and ask any questions you might have. Always check they have a business licence and are legally allowed to complete the planned project.

When it comes to a price, getting a quote from a variety of different builders is the best way to see what the average price range is for your building plan.