Roller Doors, How They Work and Why...

Have you ever had vandals break into your business? If yes, then you need shutter doors. Roller shutter doors are special doors that protect your businesses and property. These shutters also keep out the weather and are suitable for protecting shops, garages, warehouses, and schools. In reality, there is more to these doors than you might imagine. Due to their sturdy constructions, they can take a substantial beating without getting destroyed. How do these doors work? There are many kinds of roller doors available. Some... Read more

Types and Advantages of Industrial Security Shutters

An industrial security door is a special type of door that is normally made of a roller shutter. Different types of horizontal bars and slats are hinged together to come up with this type of door. Industrial security shutters are normally lowered when being closed and raised when being opened. The doors can be computerised to simplify the opening and closing process. It can be very difficult to open and close very large security doors and that is why it is important to install an... Read more

Residential Security Grilles

In the modern life where crime has been on the increase, security of property is the utmost priority of every person. According to crime rates of 2011-2012 in the United Kingdom, an intruder attacked home owners once in every thirty minutes. The reported burglary in the United Kingdom rose in the year 2012 and has prompted many homeowners to embrace residential security grilles. Safety measures are vital in keeping off crimes , a high quality window and door locks in combination with a burglar alarm... Read more

What you Need To Know About Industrial...

Perhaps you think that installing a home security door or safety fence is too expensive. Unfortunately, the reality is that doors provide an important layer of protection. A determined criminal can easily breach a standard entry door, perhaps with nothing more than a well-placed kick. A quality door, however, will keep intruders where they belong – outside of your property. Industrial security doors are the main point of any work place, with security a paramount and the quality of materials used also of high concern.... Read more

Choosing the right security grilles and bars

Security grilles and bars can be used in so many places including car parks, ware houses, business premises and homes. Whatever the function intended for the grilles and bars are, it should be easy to have them installed but hard for intruders to get in. having them will act as deterrent to thieves unwanted visitors. Due to the fact that there are quite a number of options available, it is essential to guy the grilles from a reputable company. There are some companies that are... Read more

Selecting the best high speed doors

High speed doors are designed for your application and operation. They are built for indoor or outdoor use or even both. They have been designed with a unique inbuilt side guide technology that makes them have an extremely tight seal against wind, contaminants or even rain. Their combination that consists of the soft bottom edge technology and the top rail air tight mechanism, a four sided, maintaining negative or positive pressure if needed and tight seal is a sure guarantee. High speed doors have proven... Read more


We always want to protect our homes and property, whether industrial or commercial. Security products are therefore vital items in the premises of property or business owners. These products help in keeping cases of vandalism, theft and burglary at bay. A very good example of a security product is the security shutters. A security shutter is a kind of window or door shutter with numerous horizontal slats, bars or web systems that have been hinged together. The door is raised to open and lowered to... Read more