Laying Turf

It’s the time of year when garden enthusiasts start to lay new lawn/turf, so we thought it would be a good idea to run you through the fundamentals, when laying the turf. Preparing the soil beforehand is very important. Make sure to remove old grass, stones, weeds etc. Then level the soil and fill in any gaps you may have. Raking the soil will help to leave a fine finish. When rolling your turf onto the ground, make sure to do this slowly to avoid... Read more

Deciding on a Lawn Design

Lawns don’t have to be boring, or square for that matter (not that all square lawns are boring), it’s good to know that today there are plenty of options with lawns and turfs, you can essentially decide on the shape you want your lawn to take. A lawn doesn’t have to just be seen as a patch of grass, it can be a feature of the garden. Circular lawns are becoming more popular, and because they don’t run fully to the corners, you can have... Read more

Tips to Maintaining your Lawn

It’s important to make sure your lawn is well maintained especially if you want to keep it healthy and extend its life. Mowing regularly can help, and obviously this is not possible during the winter, but during the warmer periods, mowing as frequently as once per week can certainly help. Weeds will appear from time to time, and ripping them out from the root or suing weed killer can help make your lawn look good. Watering a lawn during the spring and summer can also... Read more