Maintaining A Timber Frame

There are loads of houses which are supported by timber frames, with some being very old. For this reason it would be a good idea to check on the frames every so-often, maintaining them as they can be vulnerable to decay and many other types of damage. When checking for damage, decay is usually the biggest cause thanks to moisture. We recommend always looking out for a source of dampness and making sure the situation is rectified rather than just tackling repercussions. If a damp... Read more

Keep up with the Trend and buy...

In today’s world, you don’t just have to buy standard radiators, there really are a wide range of options out there, and one of those options is buying designer steel radiators online. Steel radiators are some of the most convenient, not just because they give off a superb amount of heat, but also because they come in so many different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for any home, whether it’s modern of traditional. And by purchasing them online, you can effectively have them delivered... Read more

Are House Developments ruining the UK’s small...

Over the last few decades, many villages have turned into mini towns, whilst some areas have almost become cities in their own right, such as Milton Keynes. There are some very traditional, countryside located villages in the UK, but with the construction industry growing it means more of those villages and their areas of green are being built-on. Imagine the world packed with towns and housing developments left, right and centre, and keeping the countryside can be extremely important, for society, for our self and... Read more

Winter Additions to your Garden

Gardens don’t just have to be enjoyed in the winter; they can also be adequate spaces in summer and spring too. Adding a Chimenea to your garden can ensure your friends, family and guests are kept warm, and these are especially ideal if you have garden seating. Another alternative is a heat lamp, these are often associated with British pubs to ensure visitor, and perhaps those who smoke, are kept warm. Heat lamps run simple enough of the mains, and no matter where the seating... Read more

Electric Radiators for Low Maintenance

There are a range of benefits for having electric radiators in your home, but one of the main reasons is low maintenance. With an electric radiator you will never have to worry about bleeding the radiator ready for the winter, and checking the temperature it gives off, because they are simple to use and fully controllable. Electric radiators can be controlled easily with a switch, while some can determine the temperature of the room and modulate to make sure the temperate is consistent. Many electric... Read more

Garage Conversions for Extra Living Space

Garage conversions can be a superb home improvement, especially if you want to take advantage of an unused area and transform it into a room with enviable living space. Today not everyone is bothered about having a garage to use as a garage; they may instead use it as a utility room, or a ground floor attic, but why not turn it into a superb extra living space. There are a few considerations you may need to make because not all garages are the same,... Read more

Tips to Maintaining your Lawn

It’s important to make sure your lawn is well maintained especially if you want to keep it healthy and extend its life. Mowing regularly can help, and obviously this is not possible during the winter, but during the warmer periods, mowing as frequently as once per week can certainly help. Weeds will appear from time to time, and ripping them out from the root or suing weed killer can help make your lawn look good. Watering a lawn during the spring and summer can also... Read more

Tidying your garden During the Winter

Many people will pretty much abandon their gardens in the winter, and whilst it may not be an ideal time to start building outhouses or creating kitchen conversion, you can still tidy your garden during the winter. Winter leaves will continue to fall until we get further into the Christmas season, and it can be beneficial to tidy these up. If you have outhouses, such as a summerhouse or a garden shed, clearing the water, snow or leaves on top of their roofs can also... Read more

Make Repairs on your Roof on Time...

Roof repairs Bedford require skill and experience. There is no roof which can last forever, and any roof will certainly require repair at some point in its life. If a homeowner fixes issues on time before making the condition worse, the roof will remain in perfect condition for many years. Furthermore, he will not require any replacement. It is advisable to save energy and money by making timely repairs on your roof because replacement is very expensive. Inspection of the roof Inspect the roof carefully... Read more