Deciding if a Front Garden Conversion, into...

If you are someone that has to fight for parking on a regular basis, if you have the option, you may want to seriously consider turning a front garden area into a drive, to help ease your burden. Off-street parking can also really add considerable value to your property, especially for housing in expensive urban areas. This is an ideal solution for anyone that needs extra parking space due to limited free parking or families with multiple vehicles. One excellent advantage for homeowners is, that... Read more

Why were conservatories invented?

Building an extension to your house is pretty expensive especially now that construction materials are so costly. However, for those who want to make their vacant spaces useful, one economical option is to build conservatories instead of house extensions. A conservatory can be used as a playroom for children, as a balcony, a greenhouse for plants, or a second living room for the family. Their use is dependent with the materials used for their walls and roof. Those that are made with normal polycarbonate glass... Read more

Buying timber and creating beautiful furniture for...

Do it yourself projects have exploded lately. Since Pinterest came about a few years ago, it’s easier than ever to find all sorts of creative DIY ideas. They can range from making your own lip-gloss to creating a garden, to making your own furniture. Designing and creating your own furniture might sound daunting at first, but with the right materials, you can create an item or two that will can be handed down for generations to come, and will be a major talking point for... Read more

Avoid hiring a dodgy builder

When it comes to finding a builder to complete a private home construction project, it is important to find someone that can be trusted. There are many horror stories of tradesman doing poor building jobs and charging over the top prices for their work. Before you decide on a particular builder it is vital that you do your research first. Start by checking reviews online and see what their previous clients have said about their work. You should be able to see examples of their... Read more

Weinor Garden Glass Rooms For Your Property.

Just imagine yourself in Weiner Glass Rooms, enjoying the rain! Would not that be a wonderful imagination? Well, nature has blessed us all with a lot of pleasant conditions, but because of the restless way of life we can not spend time enjoying the relaxing moments. If you are fed all the regular hustle and bustle of everyday life, then it’s time to think about buying glass rooms. They just look like ordinary rooms in your house, but they are usually built outside, that is,... Read more

Hiring a professional to create new metal...

There are a few things that can offer you privacy when it comes to your home, and selecting the right garden fence is one of them. Unfortunately, when most of the people think of fencing, they think of the common chain link fences of the ‘90’s’. Fortunately, with improved materials and technology available, in addition to the know-how of today’s professional welders, fencing has become not only stronger but much more durable too. When was the last time you not only considered fencing being a... Read more

Replacing fences

Replacing the fences in your garden can be a bit of a nightmare if you have tricky neighbours. If you’re situated between two other houses and have fences either side of your garden as a boundary, you’ll know that you’re only responsible for one fence. This could be the one on the left or the one on the right; it all depends on your neighbourhood. This is why it can be tricky replacing your fences, because your neighbor may have no interest in replacing theirs,... Read more

Building your own shed

Okay so sheds aren’t exactly expensive nowadays, but you can save a considerable amount of money by building one yourself, and you’re more likely to get better build quality, depending how good you are at DIY. I bought all of the materials from my local Wickes and it only cost me around £400. It’s built with security in mind, so there are no windows, while the hinges are concealed. I used a template online as a guide, and it was actually relatively easy to make,... Read more

Planning A Patio

Sounds like a simple project and it is, if you follow these steps when planning out your new patio. When you have decided where your new patio is going to be, draw a plan to scale on graph paper with dimensions. Make sure to mark permanent fixtures such as the house, wall and fence. If you’re trying not to cut slabs, then purchase ‘chessboard’ style slabs. Your patio surface will need to be at least 150mm below the damp proof course of the house. This... Read more