Cleaning Your Garage Door Without Damaging The...

Garage Doors bear the brunt of all weather conditions and are always forgotten and abused by users. If you haven’t cleaned your garage door in a while, maybe it’s time to do so now. Here are 4 easy steps to get optimal results when washing the door: Wash the door surfaces and windows of your garage with a mild liquid soap (such as a car-washing soap) and water. Wash both the interior and exterior using a sponge, cloth and/or soft brush. Do not use harsh... Read more

Designer Garage Doors For Your Home

An individual’s home is an important thing for many people. Some may own the same home their entire lives. They likely want their home to a significant reflection. Each element of the home is something to be considered for them. Each addition or replacement is the potential to reinstate an essence or move away from what has been before. From the front door to the back door, the home is a singular whole comprised of single components. Having these things made just for you can... Read more

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door are perhaps the most widely used components in homes. Doors are quite heavy and have over three hundred moving parts. Their technically complicated structure is one of the reasons why they are susceptible to problems. If you want your door to function smoothly for years, you need to do a bit of regular maintenance. It is usual that doors need repairs from time to time. You need to know a few things regarding these door repairs to be able to manage the show... Read more

The Perfect Problem-Free Garage Door

Suddenly, your garage door stops working. A quick examination and a go-over reveals nothing unusual, but the garage door won’t work. Have you seen this scenario far too often than necessary, and find yourself faced with something of this sort at the most inconvenient times? This list of common garage door problems can help you recognise the issues that you may have and find a solution. Better yet, avoid these potential problems altogether by getting high-quality Made in Germany Hormann garage door that lasts for... Read more

Guide on choosing garage doors

Nowadays the homeowners have many options before deciding what type of garage door would meets all their needs. There are many types of garage doors designs produced by the manufacturers and a homeowner can even have the option to order a custom designed garage door adapted to the unique characteristics of his home. Roller garage door A roller garage door is best for short and narrow driveways. The roller door is built from thin aluminium strips. They encircle a drum placed above the opening. The... Read more

Up and Over Garage Doors

Garage doors were designed or manufactured right after the designing of the automobile. According to some home designers and experts, the most common, up-to date form of the garage door is the up and over garage doors. They were invented in 1921 and have improved over the years in accordance to the market demand for the best products. Since then, innovation and technology came into place as wooden doors were replaced by steel and vinyl. Door openers were also made electrical. Garage doors can be... Read more

Cedar Doors

The type of door in your home or business premise may completely transform the look and style of your home or office. Cedar doors, in addition to their beauty and style, give you a peace of mind through their superior performance. Cedar wood doors are known to be the most long lasting types of doors one can use in his home. This is because apart from the beauty and style that the doors add to the home, they also have several other benefits. Benefits of... Read more

The Modern Sliding and Folding Doors

Originally, the concept of sliding and folding doors came from countries with warmer climates. Business owners wanted to open up their buildings to enjoy the outside weather from the inside. This concept has grown since then. Today, the doors have become stylish and modern. They are made of aluminium or timber or a combination of both. The doors are also referred to as Bi fold doors, concertina or folding patio doors. They can also be made of glass with framed aluminium or timber to cover... Read more

How To Choose Hormann Doors

Hormann Garage doors are divided into different categories.  In each category there are many models, makes, finishes and sizes to choose from. Hormann steel doors Available in wide selection of standard sizes.  Steel doors are available with retractable mechanism.Some models, sizes are available in brown.  Hormann doors steel up and over doors are mostly powder coated in white and galvanized, with some brown colored. Hormann GRP fiberglass doors Available in standard sizes, wood grain and gloss white colors. Made by GRP panel bonded to strong... Read more