Construction News: Taking Drone Usage to the...

In the past decade, the usage of drones in construction has proven that it can take construction quality, productivity and efficiency to new levels. Drones can be used for many jobs such as building or site surveying and progress monitoring. Drones allow site or building surveys to be accomplished up to 400 times quicker than by traditional methods. In order for the usage of drones to push construction efficiency and effectiveness to new levels, the regulations for drones needs to change. Currently, Commercial drone usage... Read more

The Importance Of Using Waney Edge Cladding

If you have ever constructed a home, shed or summerhouse before, you have likely used cladding. This is the material that goes on the outside of a home or building. It is able to protect that structure from the natural elements which will include rain, snow and wind. It also acts as a deterrent for noises on the outside, and can also insulate people that are in the interior of these structures. From an hour perspective, cladding is going to give a very aesthetic appeal... Read more

Examining Oak Tongue and Groove Cladding for...

Timber cladding is a versatile material that can be used indoors and outdoors to achieve a premium yet natural appearance. Oak tongue and groove cladding is designed for interior use, with the construction of the cladding boards making them easy to install in the desired location. There are many applications for tongue and groove cladding inside the home, and sometimes inside commercial buildings too; as a popular wood with a beautiful finish, oak is always a good choice. Oak timber cladding, and tongue and groove... Read more

Should You Buy or Lease a Crane?

A crane can be an incredible asset in the construction world and there are certain occasions when they are absolutely necessary. If you are on the fence about whether you should buy a crane your biggest determinants will be your current or near future project scope, workload and long-term business plans. You will need to consider your daily, weekly and monthly needs and ascertain if you have the time, energy and manpower to own and operate a crane. If the need for a crane on... Read more

Top 3 mistakes made when working at...

Working at heights is a high-risk task whether it’s something you do regularly or ad-hoc and the safety precautions you take should be taken very seriously. Unfortunately, accidents do still happen, sometimes due to factors out of your control but sometimes due to careless mistakes. We have listed the top mistakes made when working at heights. Insufficient or incorrect PPE. PPE such as safety harnesses is there to protect you. Carrying out any task high up carries big risks. PPE is there to protect you... Read more

Risk Analysis in construction

Risk management in the construction industry is one of the most important aspects of all projects. Without appropriate risk management plans in place, you can leave yourself, your staff, and the general public in danger. There is a certain process that you will have to follow and this generally is broken down into two sections, the first step for every project will be risk analysis. Risk analysis is broken down into two steps – Step 1 – Identification – this is a base of your... Read more

Self-employed support extended for 3 months

During the worldwide pandemic, many businesses and individuals have taken a huge loss of earnings due to lock down this has seen many employees placed on a scheme called furlough. The government has been paying 80% of all employee’s wages that are placed on furlough this is to ensure businesses don’t go under due to the current crisis. All self-employed people have been offered 80% of lost earning too under a scheme called SEISS (self-employed income support scheme) all self-employed individuals who lost earnings due... Read more

Benefits Of Flat Roof Skylights

In the previous years, the idea of installing skylights on a flat roof for a homeowner seemed impossible. However, with the improvement in technology, the design is widely getting acknowledgement. New versions of the flat roof skylights are penetrating the market to suit all the available demands that customers might have. You can find them in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. The primary production materials include either glass or plastic, and both of them can come in a translucent or transparent mode. Although... Read more

School Toilet Refurbishments: Creating Safe, Practical Environments

A school toilet refurbishment is often required to keep school buildings safe, modern and suitable for use in demanding, ever changing environments. It’s so important that school washroom facilities are safe and practical, so that pupils, teachers and anyone else on the premises have acceptable, hygienic facilities available to them. If toilet facilities are looking a little outdated, have experienced problems or aren’t working as they should be, it might be time to consider a refurbishment project as a priority. Why do school toilet facilities... Read more