Residential Roofing Material Options

Does your roof need replacing or are you considering upgrading to something new? There are quite a few different roofing materials and you need to know what they are, so you can choose what will suit your home. 1. Baked Clay Tiles: extremely solid, heavy tiles with a long lifespan 2. Plain Tiles: are flat without ripples 3. Concrete Tiles: less expensive than baked tiles and have more variations and colours 4. Natural Slate: expensive but look great and last a long time 5. Artificial... Read more

Commercial Roofing Materials: What are the Options?

There is a wide range of variation in commercial roofs but they typically are broken down into three types: Flat Roofs, Low-Sloped Roofs and Pitched Roofs. The most common being a flat roof and is usually used for smaller structures. Flat roofs are also typically on the lowest end of the cost scale, whilst being the easiest and quickest to build. Low-sloped roofs are usually chosen for large-scale buildings, are low cost and easy to install and repair. Pitched roofs have the best drainage and... Read more

How damp is your potential home?

Houses generally need a lot of work if damp and moisture levels get within the structure of the building. This can be both structural and lifestyle elements. The structural aspects can be from rainwater, to loose roof tiles and incorrect damp course to the property. Lifestyle activities such as taking showers, boiling water or drying clothes can all create condensation and build up excess water vapor, without adequate ventilation this creates increased damp levels within your potential new home. Damp can cause problems with multiple... Read more

Making Cabinets vs Buying them

With small-scale construction projects like redecorating your bathroom or kitchen, the work can prove to be very tempting for DIY enthusiasts. If you think you have the skills needed to carry out some of the work yourself, then why not? One aspect you may want to consider is whether you should build or buy cabinets and units. Firstly you should think have I got the time? If you are struggling for time as it is, you may not want to sacrifice a month’s worth of... Read more

Saving Time with Prefabricated Timber Frames

Prefabricated timber frames are a relatively new material for building homes. Unlike masonry block models of construction, a large portion of the work is done before it even enters the building phase. This means, when the prefabricated timber frame arrives on your building site, all you need to do is erect it. This rapid building process means you’re able to assemble the building as fast as possible and that’s why its used on many council run development projects. Of course, this doesn’t exactly mean the... Read more

Benefits of Utilizing Oak Beams in the...

When it comes to building a new real estate structure, there are several different materials available, that individuals can use to create the beams. However, one of the most commonly used materials is oak. This material has been used in the construction of structures for many centuries. This is due to the fact that it provides builders with an assortment of benefits that you typically wouldn’t find in any other material. Some of which, will be mentioned below. Aesthetic Value Said in simple terms, no... Read more

Cement Truck Logistics

Something which a lot of people don’t consider when trying to plan a building for a domestic house is how they’re going to get all of the materials there. Cement is a very tricky material to work with in this regard, as if the length of time between setting off and arriving at the destination is too long, then the end result will be dried out cement, and a very difficult job getting it out. For construction sites in the middle of town, hopefully this... Read more

Building With Timber Frames

Prefabricated timber frames is a relatively new method for home construction, but its benefits are clear. Unlike masonry block models of construction, a large portion of the work involved in a timber frame construction is done before it even enters the building phase. This means that when you actually start getting the wood, you can assemble the building as fast as possible, with little to no difficulty. This doesn’t mean that the whole process is significantly quicker, only that the construction phase of the project... Read more

Designing an Eco-friendly home from the ground...

Designing homes has become a lot more involved with being eco-friendly as well as economically friendly. This is ultimately a good thing for home owners, ensuring that the costs of living comfortably in your home are less, both because the demand for resources will decrease, and because the newer homes will require less (creating less demand than normal houses). Different processes are involved in making a home ecologically friendly, both with trying to get the house to be more efficient, as well as using materials... Read more