Putting Away Your Awnings For The Winter

With the summer nearly over, there isn’t really much need for an awning in your garden, and also to risk minimal damage, it may be best to put the awning away till the weather gets better. 1 – Brush off any leaves, dirt or debris from the awning. Move from the top edge of the awning down toward the bottom edge. 2 – Hose off the awning to remove dirt and debris that is stuck. Attack tough stains or dirt spots with a soft-bristled brush.... Read more

Preparing Your Awnings For The Summer

The end of February is approaching, meaning Spring time is nearly here. If you have an awning, you’ll know that it’s great at providing shade from the sun. You’ll also agree that after winter is over, your awning starts to look worse for wear. Debris, stains, bird droppings are just a few examples of what your awnings will be suffering from. Cleaning an awning is an easy job to be honest. The hardest part will probably be climbing a ladder! If you’re not confident climbing... Read more

Markilux Awnings

Markilux is a German Crafted- World Leader In Screens And Awnings. They are considered as the premier source for numerous Designers, Architects, Property Owners and Builders with the needs of shade solutions that helps to maximize Innovation, Durability, Design Elegance, Value And Quality which makes outdoor life of an individual more enjoyable. Ingenious varieties of Awnings and Screens are precision engineered and each of its component are crafted with the finest materials that provides a high quality end product solutions by satisfying the customer’s expectations.... Read more