Residential Roofing Material Options

Does your roof need replacing or are you considering upgrading to something new? There are quite a few different roofing materials and you need to know what they are, so you can choose what will suit your home.

1. Baked Clay Tiles: extremely solid, heavy tiles with a long lifespan
2. Plain Tiles: are flat without ripples
3. Concrete Tiles: less expensive than baked tiles and have more variations and colours
4. Natural Slate: expensive but look great and last a long time
5. Artificial Slate: is made from fibre cement
6. Metal Tile Sheets: light-weight sheets of steel or aluminium with the look of roof tiles
7. Zinc Slates: look like natural slate but slightly bigger
8. Zinc, Aluminium or Copper Strips: from a patina over time that gives a nice colour and longer lifespan
9. Corrugated Sheets: profiled, double compressed fibre cement sheets
10. Shingles: bituminous material which contains fiberglass that is typically used on garden houses and extensions
11. Bitumen Roof Shingle: light-weight imitation of slates in bitumen
12. Reed: a very expensive roofing material now used mainly for bigger villas, outbuildings or prestige projects with excellent insulating properties