Construction material in short supply

The UK experienced Freedom Day on 19 July 2021. However, the construction industry is still struggling with the availability of necessary materials. Some materials cost twice what they did before lockdown started. 

Timber has been the worst hit. Significant international demand has meant that UK buyers are running short of this essential material. The reason for this is that construction companies are desperately trying to catch up with building projects put on hold during the pandemic.

Cement was also running low in April 2021 but supply has improved for bulk orders.  Bagged cement is still struggling with shortages.

A worldwide reduction in steel production in early 2020 has meant that demand is outstripping supply.  Panic buying of steel by some countries has made the situation worse.  Production of steel is getting back to normal, but the backlog of orders will mean the steel supply will not be back to normal for several months.