Benefits of Utilizing Oak Beams in the Construction of a New Property

When it comes to building a new real estate structure, there are several different materials available, that individuals can use to create the beams. However, one of the most commonly used materials is oak. This material has been used in the construction of structures for many centuries. This is due to the fact that it provides builders with an assortment of benefits that you typically wouldn’t find in any other material. Some of which, will be mentioned below.

Aesthetic Value

Said in simple terms, no other kind of wood structure is as visually appealing as solid oak beams are. Oak beams have some of the most beautiful patterns and grains. As such, people who take a casual glance at structures that are made of oak beams, tend to be momentarily mesmerized by their undeniable beauty. By utilizing this kind of beam, for any structure it can help to add a rustic, yet elegant look. Additionally, oak can be dyed in a wide assortment of various designs and hues which can suit individual preferences and style. Alternatively, they can be left in their original form as well, which in itself will still charm every and any eyes that is fixed on them.

Many Uses

Oak is one of the most commonly used timber as far as construction related project goes. This is partially due to the fact that it can be utilized for several different kinds of building applications. This is also one of the reasons why it has such a huge popularity among builders. For example, some of the types of structures which can be built with the utilization of oak beams include: fences, walls, flooring and pillars. As such, when it comes to construction related projects, the utilization of oak beams can lead to great savings based on the fact that oak beams can be heavily utilized for several different applications, thereby leading to a minimal amount of waste. For example, left over oak beams that were used in the flooring of a property can be used for the creation of a fence around said property.

High Level of Stability

One of the most beneficial features of solid oak beams is the high level of stability that it provides to structures. For a structure to be stable, the utilization of strong beams is a necessity. Without these, the structure itself would pose a significant danger to occupants and may lead to serious injuries and or a loss of life, should the structure collapse. Oak beams provides a level of stability to buildings, that cannot be matched by other construction materials. They are structurally strong and can support strong forces such as the weight of roofs and several other heavy structures.

Extremely Durable

On top of providing an unparalleled level of stability to buildings, oak beams are also regarded as being one of the most durable construction materials on the modern market as well. This is because unlike other kinds of wood, oak does not get easily damaged by termites nor weakened by weathering. This essentially gives them a life span that range from decades to centuries. In fact, many historical structures contain oak beams, oak flooring and oak fences. For example, the Westminster Hall which is located in the UK was developed in the 14th century and is regarded as being the oldest building within the Parliamentary estate. This structure is largely made up of Oak beams. This in itself is a testament of the level of longevity that oak beams have to offer.