Advantages of Used Cranes

The invention of cranes completely changed the way the construction sector works. Before cranes were invented, simply hundreds of able bodied men were forced to work together to lift construct materials and heavy objects. However, with the introduction of cranes, human beings have created something which is extraordinary and enables human to construct much bigger and better structures.
Heavy objects which cannot be lifted up by bare hand may require cranes. However, this can be a very expensive investment for companies working on tight budget. Construction industries these days are often put off by the higher prices of new cranes, and this has forced such companies to look for available used cranes.
Below are some advantages of buying used cranes.
When purchasing a brand new crane you are satisfied that the crane you are buying is brand new since you are the first owner. However the price of a new crane is more than double the average amount one would spend on used one. This is the main selling point of this type of crane over new cranes as they are much more cost efficient.
New cranes normally take several months if not years to build, not only this but also the time it takes for one to specify his exact requirements can be very long. Used overhead cranes are already in stock, already built and can be delivered in as little as one day from time of the order. This is a great advantage for those people who require a fast solution to their lifting jobs.
Some construction companies are sometimes discouraged from used cranes because they believe that the cranes are not as safe as the new ones. However, this is not the case as the used ones are normally tested for safety before being sold again. Furthermore, buyers of this type of crane can be assured further since most suppliers of these cranes provide warranties on their products, so if anything goes wrong with the crane you can calm down knowing that the supplier will take care of the issue.
Similar to buying a new crane, used ones in most cases come with 24/7 hour emergency breakdown repair cover. So, in case something goes wrong with the equipment, the buyer is assured that a technician will be out within 24 hours to fix the issue for him. Also, these cranes are supplied to meet the user’s specifications and needs, so no matter what one requires the crane for, the company supplying it will be able to provide him with a crane specific for that task