A choice between patio and a decking

Almost everyone who is building a new home will invariably find themselves wondering whether to get a patio or a decking at the entrance of the house. There are several things that one will have to consider before making this choice. The first thing that they will have to decide on is the material that will suit all their requirements. Most of the decks are made of wood and can provide a lot of warmth and comfort even if one were to lay down on the deck. Decks are mostly built to take advantage of a particular view. Patios on the other hand can be made of any material and will generally require a specialised set of all-weather furniture. When selecting between a patio or a decking, one will invariably have to consider the temperatures, the view from the entrance of the house as well as the overall landscape of the courtyard. Based on the individual requirements and the design of the courtyard, one can either go for a patio or a decking.