An Overview of Beam Clamps

Beam clamps are used to suspend hoists when they need to work in conjunction with beams or gantries, that will fully take the weight of the hoist, and the hoist will use it to travel. There are different types of beam clamps that will suit different mechanisms and purposes so it is important, as ever, to select the right one and make sure the weight capacities are correct. There are many different kinds of steel beam clamps, rated depending on capacity, which will be used... Read more

Electric Chain Hoists: the Ideal Choice for...

Anyone in the lifting industry will know that there are different types of hoists, and that the right one needs to be used in each scenario to perform a lift safely and efficiently. Electric chain hoists are a middle of the road option, able to lift much heavier loads than a manual hoist but not designed for such heavy duty lifting as an electric wire rope hoist. For intermediate lifting, a chain hoist is going to be the most cost effective and efficient option, as... Read more

Examining Oak Tongue and Groove Cladding for...

Timber cladding is a versatile material that can be used indoors and outdoors to achieve a premium yet natural appearance. Oak tongue and groove cladding is designed for interior use, with the construction of the cladding boards making them easy to install in the desired location. There are many applications for tongue and groove cladding inside the home, and sometimes inside commercial buildings too; as a popular wood with a beautiful finish, oak is always a good choice. Oak timber cladding, and tongue and groove... Read more

School Toilet Refurbishments: Creating Safe, Practical Environments

A school toilet refurbishment is often required to keep school buildings safe, modern and suitable for use in demanding, ever changing environments. It’s so important that school washroom facilities are safe and practical, so that pupils, teachers and anyone else on the premises have acceptable, hygienic facilities available to them. If toilet facilities are looking a little outdated, have experienced problems or aren’t working as they should be, it might be time to consider a refurbishment project as a priority. Why do school toilet facilities... Read more

Installing Suitable School Fencing

Fencing is installed to keep premises safe, to deter criminal activity, to make spaces safer, and to improve appearances as well. School fencing needs to deliver all of these functions and more, plus it needs to be particularly cost effective as schools have limited budgets. Any school that’s installing new fencing on their premises need to know that the fencing will be suitable for their specialist environment. Why do schools install fencing and what purposes will the fencing need to fulfil? There are many reasons... Read more

Timber Cladding for a Garage, Outhouse, Shed...

A garage or outhouse is a luxury, and a much sought after addition to a home. Whilst the storage space is a great bonus, the appearance of the building itself is also of the utmost importance. Without the building looking its best and complementing the rest of the property, it can be detrimental to build it. By using a premium material such as timber cladding, any kind of additional building can be made into a part of the home, so that it blends in or... Read more

Chain Slings and their Various Configurations

When purchasing a chain sling, there will be various configurations available to make different lifts possible. The chains might have between one and four legs, and there are also different customisation options you can use to make the sling suitable for different lifts. All in all, chain slings are highly versatile and you will have many different options when choosing to purchase one for carrying out various lifting processes. There are different capacities, configurations and options you will need to understand before purchasing a lifting... Read more

Saving Time and Money with Builders Hoists

Anybody who works on site will know that builders hoists are essential time saving pieces of equipment that allow you to get the job done more efficiently. They allow builders to work at height without having to go back down to ground level all the time, and they also help to create a safer site environment by greatly reducing the risk of equipment being dropped from height. Using hoists to secure equipment can really help to push a project along and get it completed as... Read more

What are the advantages of a fibreglass...

What will a GRP flat roof involve? Simply put, it will require lots of hard work, and great attention to detail, but that’s exactly why it’s important to seek a roofer who is a specialist in this line of roofing work. The materials needed to fiberglass a flat roof include: Roofing organic compound Fibreglass Matting Roofing topcoat GRP Roofing Trims Adjuvant Tools Fibreglass roofing consists of wetting out layers of glass mat on the roof of the building.  A fibreglass flat roof is another sort... Read more