Maintaining a safe working environment within a...

You probably have heard of accidents on building projects, which have left workers with permanent injuries or some even dead. It’s so sad to know this still takes place even with health and safety precautions and state of the art equipment. With the increased number of mega building project being undertaken by both government and private sector, the number of victims is expected to rise. Construction is by it nature a high hazard business, and the risks are known, because the job itself involves a... Read more

The importance of cranes in the construction...

Cranes are machines that rely on a pulley and cable system to lift large and heavy loads. When it comes to the construction industry, cranes are precious assets as they make it particularly easy to work with large and heavy construction materials, so no construction site would be complete without a crane, especially large developments in major towns and cities. Cranes have made it extremely easy for construction workers, and if we think back to the years without them, it was so difficult to undertake... Read more

Buying timber and creating beautiful furniture for...

Do it yourself projects have exploded lately. Since Pinterest came about a few years ago, it’s easier than ever to find all sorts of creative DIY ideas. They can range from making your own lip-gloss to creating a garden, to making your own furniture. Designing and creating your own furniture might sound daunting at first, but with the right materials, you can create an item or two that will can be handed down for generations to come, and will be a major talking point for... Read more

Are builders under threat from Cowboy Customers?

Many builders talk about cowboy customers, and these are essentially individuals who delay or withhold payment without good reason or make completely unreasonable demands. It’s a growing problem in the UK and it has even been reporting on in the media very recently, so with that in mind, what can be done about cowboy customers? Well, there are so many horror stories out there, and it’s difficult for builders to receive payment up front without any work being complete, which is fair in some cases,... Read more

Roller Doors, How They Work and Why...

Have you ever had vandals break into your business? If yes, then you need shutter doors. Roller shutter doors are special doors that protect your businesses and property. These shutters also keep out the weather and are suitable for protecting shops, garages, warehouses, and schools. In reality, there is more to these doors than you might imagine. Due to their sturdy constructions, they can take a substantial beating without getting destroyed. How do these doors work? There are many kinds of roller doors available. Some... Read more

Getting your curb dropped

If you’ve bought a property that’s yet to be finalised, you may find that it’s not the finished article for some time. Even once the building work is complete, there are still a few tasks that are not in your hands and they can make your first few months in your new house a bit of a nuisance. Getting your curb dropped by the council is one of them, and it can take them weeks or even months to come around and drop the curb for... Read more

Maintaining your driveway

It’s important to make sure your driveway is well maintained, especially if you want the outside of your house to look clean and welcoming for friends and family members. Sweeping your driveway once or twice a week will make a big difference, and it means any drips of oil from your car or mud from your boots is cleaned away. For tough stains, you can use a water jet to power dirt away, whilst any weeds that creep though should be ripped out from the... Read more

Best Building Insurance Repairs Quotes

The building insurance is a necessity for those who have buildings situated in the busy suburbs. The insurance covers anything that could happen with the building one owns. The insurance covers for the losses of the owner if for instance the building is closed and was burgled while it was closed. When in such business, it is only right that we cover our capitals like the building we own.   Building insurance repairs, it’s not easily affordable but it’s a good investment as it can... Read more

Building your own shed

Okay so sheds aren’t exactly expensive nowadays, but you can save a considerable amount of money by building one yourself, and you’re more likely to get better build quality, depending how good you are at DIY. I bought all of the materials from my local Wickes and it only cost me around £400. It’s built with security in mind, so there are no windows, while the hinges are concealed. I used a template online as a guide, and it was actually relatively easy to make,... Read more