What is a Compressed Air Dryer

A compressed air dryer is a filtering system designed to get rid of moisture created during the compression process. In the industrial sector, the use of pistons and screw compressors produces water vapour. This can cause corrosion or damage to the compressors or the final product. 

There are three main types of compressed air dryers:

Refrigerated.  These cool the air and condense the water vapour for extraction.  Unfortunately, some moisture will remain, so these air dryers should not be used in water-sensitive manufacturing.

Desiccant. There are two types of desiccants, heated and heatless. They work by using desiccant material, absorbing the water particles from the air and then drying.

Membrane. These dryers use membrane microtubes that allow water vapour through. Compressed air is pushed through the tubes, and the moisture diffuses through the membrane and is dried.