Exterior Wall Repair

The exterior wall repair process involves repairing any damage and rectifying wear and tear, which can happen gradually over the course of many years. Wall repair is important to maintain security, safety, insulation and structural integrity. To prevent frequent future repairs being needed, a wall coating can be applied afterwards.

Cheap Driveway Gates

Driveway gates add security and decoration to a home, but no home owner wants to spend too much on them. Cheap driveway gates can also be high-quality driveway gates, as long as you choose gates from a good supplier. There are various brands and suppliers you can choose from and it is easy to order driveway gates online, in a variety of materials and designs. Before you buy your gates, browse online to see the styles you like. You can then begin to get an idea of the prices that are generally available, so you can ensure you aren’t paying over the odds.

High speed shutters

High speed shutters have a variety of applications, from buildings used for manufacturing and industrial processes, to warehouses and secure spaces. The high speed operation provides many benefits, including energy savings, better security, temperature control, and a lower carbon footprint for the business. There are three phase variable doors and single speed door drives to choose from.


The National Domelight company have roof lights, smoke vents and skylights for businesses, reat range of industrial Rooflights and skylights for your industrial workspace.

House rendering

External coatings for your home can help to make it more weatherproof, more attractive and generally more practical. The type of house rendering you select will depend on what you want to achieve – whether you want a certain type of aesthetic, or a particular colour or appearance. There are different kinds of home rendering systems available, including sand and cement render, long life wall coatings, silicone rendering and lime render; ask your rendering professional which one is the best option for your home. They can advise based on the age of your property and the look you are trying to achieve.

Metal driveway gates

Homes that have a driveway will often be gated off to create a secure and private entrance for residents. Metal driveway gates are one of the best options for doing this – strong, resilient and aesthetically pleasing, wrought iron style metal gates are perfect for driveways of all shapes and sizes. There are gates of all heights, shapes and widths to suit different opening sizes and property owner preferences.

Yale CPV Hoists

Yale CPV hoists are safe, efficient and simple – these motorised hoists offer everything. There is the option of single or dual speed operation to give greater control and capacities of up to 5000kg are available. Different suspension options include lug, top hook, push trolley or electric trolley; 15m lift height can be achieved.

Solar panels

Solar panels for business are not only an excellent way to decrease your carbon footprint, but will also enhance your brand reputation - and be a key USP for your business. As we get more and more conscious about the environment, your business can take on a whole new level of authenticity with embracing renewable solutions.

Garage Doors

Choosing Garage Doors for your home can be a minefield, but this company make it easy to find what you need.

Pneumatic Equipment

Maziak supply a wide range of air products and pneumatic equipment including air compressor, air treatment products and Air Compressor servicing.

Electric Gates

Electric Gates from AGD Systems - Swing, Sliding Gates and Automatic Gates for your property and your business.

Sectional Doors

Garage doors, Sectional Garage Doors , security shutters, grilles, industrial roller doors and window shutters for your home and your business.

Roof Construction

Avant Garde Roofing are specialist approved installers of comprehensive range of proven Flat Roof Construction for both commercial and domestic properties.


Used Cranes , Overhead Crane Repairs and Crane Servicing for your projects.


UK Oak is a specialist supplier for many oak and timber products including Oak Decking , oak boards and oak flooring.

Timber and Oak

UK Sleepers is a professional supplier for many oak and timber products including Fence Posts , structural oak beams and green oak beams.